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Asset Management

Within the Asset Management division of Rockefeller & Co., we manage a range of sophisticated investment strategies, many of these with long performance records. In our efforts to maintain distinguished performance over multiple market cycles, we rely on a proven institutional investment process.

Global vision balanced with bottom-up discipline

In the world of global investing, we offer the perspective of an organization that has been globally focused throughout its history. This perspective is all the more significant for being offered by an independent, privately owned firm — one whose values are not compromised by competing business priorities. For our asset management clients, this means we are able to offer not only deep global knowledge, but true independence.

We adhere to an investment philosophy that values both vision and discipline. We do not believe that long-term goals can be met by chasing short-term results. Instead, we focus on the larger picture while also paying attention to the details.

Experience, flexibility, direct access to decision-makers

Our team of investment professionals has longstanding industry experience. Many of our portfolio managers have been with the firm for over 10 years and have navigated difficult markets with steadiness and skill. We use a collaborative process in which a team of analysts and senior portfolio managers carefully studies, tests, and challenges proposed investments.

Depending on the amount to be invested, you can participate in most of our strategies either through separately managed accounts, our mutual funds, or through our private investment vehicles. Either way, as a Rockefeller & Co. client, you can benefit from the attentive, customized service that is fundamental to our culture.

Equity strategies that encompass sector analysis and security selection

We are bottom-up investors who aim to find the most attractive opportunities for our clients, without geographic limits. Our diverse relationships span the globe. In fact, Rockefeller’s investment team is fluent in more than 10 languages.

We focus our internal strategies on those areas where we believe we can offer the most value. In particular, our asset management team strives to provide our clients with the insight acquired through unbiased research, rigorous analysis, and in-depth knowledge.

Sector analysis We believe that each investment sector comprises unique drivers of performance. Rockefeller’s portfolio managers draw on a number of resources — particularly the expertise of in-house sector analysts — to establish a defined view of global sector strengths and weaknesses.

Security selection To build a diversified and robust equity portfolio, our team performs fundamental analysis to identify companies that are attractively valued relative to their growth prospects over a three- to five-year horizon. Our goal is to invest for the long-term while capitalizing on short-term dislocations. Research includes a thorough examination of a company's strategy and outlook, its unique financial characteristics and the capabilities of its management team.

We offer the following equity strategies:

► Global Equity

► Global Sustainability & Impact Investment

► U.S. Small Cap

► Balanced

► Non-U.S. Equity

► U.S. Large Cap Equity

Taxable and tax-exempt fixed income strategies

Our fixed income strategies aim to generate current income while preserving principal. We strive to provide stability in uncertain times by thoughtfully managing credit and interest rate risk. At the same time, we seek to capitalize on market dislocations by applying our top-down and bottom-up methodologies with discipline and consistency. We work closely with the equity research team on fundamentals.

We structure our clients' portfolios after reviewing their investment goals and income needs, as well as their risk profiles. In the taxable fixed income category, we focus on investment grade bonds. When buying tax-exempt securities, we focus on higher quality municipal bonds backed by solid collateral, paying close attention to the client's tax situation.

We offer the following fixed income strategies:

Tax Exempt Fixed Income – New York

Tax Exempt Fixed Income – National

Taxable Fixed Income

Alternative investments

We also offer our clients investment opportunities in hedge funds, private equity funds and venture capital funds either through bespoke independent investment advice or through fund-of-funds structures.