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Institutional Investors

How does Rockefeller & Co.’s global investment perspective address the distinct needs of institutional investors?

As global investors long before it was a trend, we believe that sustainable outperformance is possible when a global perspective is combined with a long-term horizon and deep fundamental analysis. The integration of these three key elements forms the investment framework in seeking above-benchmark performance.

In our equity strategies, we focus less on borders and more on sectors, gaining insights that we believe many competitors miss by being preoccupied with geography. Our team of analysts and experienced portfolio managers speak more than 10 different languages, and are encouraged to look worldwide in search of the best investment opportunities.

The power of globalization now means that a company’s location is more a geographic categorization than an economic one. As a result, we take a bottom-up approach to global investing. We seek an investment horizon that reflects a full market cycle and believe that the best test of alpha is achieved by looking at 3- to 5-year rolling periods — especially when investing, as we do, with a long-term orientation.

Services for institutional investors include traditional asset management (either as investment manager or sub-manager), alternative investments, sustainability and impact investing and other specialized investment choices. Rockefeller clients also enjoy daily access to their portfolio information through Rockit® technology, an industry leader.