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Wealth Advisory

At Rockefeller & Co., we stand ready to serve as an advisor in the areas of primary significance to successful families.

We believe that our experience in meeting the requirements of one of America’s leading families for over four generations qualifies us to understand how successful families have dealt with the issues of stewardship, family values and the role of the family office. We are especially experienced in providing a holistic, multigenerational approach to wealth management.

Working with family members and trusted advisors, we identify pivotal issues across a broad spectrum of disciplines, including financial planning, intergenerational planning, investment advice, and philanthropy. We strive to provide comprehensive, objective solutions that draw equally upon our deep experience and the unique aspects of a family’s circumstances.

The core of our services: wealth planning

At the heart of our relationships with families and individuals are our wealth planning services. Because it is important to consider all aspects, we include specialists in a full range of relevant disciplines: tax, accounting, trust and estate planning, and investments. We also understand the importance of working carefully with your existing advisors in seeking to ensure that the resulting plans are truly comprehensive and consider all relevant interests.

Our Wealth Advisory Services include:

Financial Planning Focusing on both families and individuals, this service is customized and typically involves as many disciplines and strategies as are necessary to accomplish the various objectives with which we have been tasked. In many cases, we help create a plan for the family after a thorough review of the family’s current situation and structures.

Investment Advisory The success of any financial plan depends on the proper development and execution of investment advisory decisions. In this area, our services include setting investment goals, asset allocation, manager search and selection, manager monitoring, performance measurement and reporting. We also work with clients to determine the proper structuring of trusts, partnerships, LLCs, or other pooled or split interest vehicles, based on the potential benefits and risks.

Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (CIO) Rockefeller & Co. provides outsourced CIO services on either a discretionary or non-discretionary basis, with a particular emphasis on objective advice and risk management. Services include reviewing your existing portfolio and setting goals, Investment Policy Statement (IPS), asset and style allocation, manager selection, portfolio construction and ongoing review and monitoring.

Alternative Investments We create a portfolio of alternative investments that is designed to address your particular risk, return and liquidity needs. Our investment professionals have expertise in hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, growth equity, buyouts, distressed investments, secondaries, and cleantech. Our strategies also include opportunistic investment vehicles that seek to take advantage of market dislocations.

Trust and Estate Planning This discipline is handled through our two dedicated trust companies. Our trust company professionals are experienced in reviewing estate plans and trusts, making recommendations (in conjunction with the client’s attorney) on an array of issues, evaluating potential opportunities and risks, with an eye toward taxes, liquidity needs, and asset protection. We also advise families on the full range of possible wealth transfer strategies.

Income Tax Planning Our dedicated staff of accountants offers comprehensive income tax analysis, advice, and tax return preparation services that encompass such issues as charitable gifts, disposition of low-basis securities, distributions from qualified plans, and tax-efficient investing.

Philanthropy A significant part of our heritage includes services related to meeting our clients’ philanthropic goals, such as advising on charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, private foundations, donor-advised funds, and community foundations.