Adam Rockefeller Growald

Adam Rockefeller Growald is an alignment investor, philosopher, philanthropist and poet. He invests in and advises organizations that align head with heart and value with values. Adam speaks about investing, philanthropy, and spirituality, and has presented at numerous conferences and convenings on topics ranging from family business, philanthropy, and impact investing to holistic wellness and climate stewardship.

Adam has been studying philosophy and wisdom traditions both in and out of the academic system for over a decade, and received his BA in Philosophy from Princeton University. He has worked as a management and brand strategy consultant at Bain & Co. and Lippincott, and now applies philosophical insight to his investing, board service, and advisory work to create paradigm-shifting evolution in business strategy, organizational culture, and interpersonal relationships. Adam is Principal at Tree of Life Ventures, member of the boards of the Growald Climate Fund and the David Rockefeller Fund, and a former board member of the Rockefeller Family Fund and the National Center for Family Philanthropy.