Global Family Office

Our Approach

Rockefeller Capital Management provides comprehensive wealth advisory services to help clients preserve and grow their assets, diversify their holdings, and maintain a legacy for future generations.

Our team has a deep understanding of the financial challenges facing individuals, families, family offices, foundations, endowments, and non-profit institutions. Our advisory services are guided by our expertise in seeking to provide effective solutions that reflect the particular dynamics of a client’s specific circumstances.

Driven by our commitment to client interests and by our independent, collaborative culture, Rockefeller Capital Management’s range of services is designed to be comprehensive, yet customizable. We offer investment advisory, trust company, and family office services in seeking to help clients meet their complex financial needs.

Wealth Planning

After a thorough review of a client’s circumstances and needs, our advisory team constructs an in-depth, actionable plan to address targeted goals. This service is customizable and will involve multiple disciplines, with a holistic perspective on identifying the most appropriate approach to pursue.

Rockefeller Capital Management takes a long-term approach to wealth planning. While some individuals, families, family offices, foundations, endowments, and non-profit institutions tend to focus their financial efforts primarily on investment returns, we formulate approaches that seek to preserve and grow wealth, help clients prepare for future needs, and assess legacy goals for future generations. We apply our extensive experience across an integrated array of services:

Investment Advisory

To help our clients pursue their investment goals, Rockefeller Capital Management offers investment expertise and advice to personalize asset allocation and investment plans.

The core of our service is based on the objective investment advice we seek to provide, supported by an open-architecture platform wherein we identify and select best-in-class third party investment advisors.

Our Client Process

First, Rockefeller Capital Management’s wealth advisors help to identify a client’s goals. Through a review of the existing portfolio—followed by a consideration of cash flow needs, objectives, and risk tolerances—our team works with the client to develop a tailored approach which may, based on the client’s preferences, include developing an investment policy statement or enhancing a pre-existing policy statement.

Asset Allocation

We help our clients decide on asset and style allocations. Our allocation recommendation may incorporate a variety of vehicles, including our network of third party managers, mutual funds, ETFs, alternative strategies, private equity funds, Rockefeller Capital Management’s own investment strategies, and more as may be appropriate. As an independent investment adviser, we seek to provide strategy recommendations to our clients with their best interests in mind.

Identifying and Accessing Best-In-Class Investment Advisors

Rockefeller Capital Management’s independence as an investment advisory firm is an important component of our open architecture platform wherein we identify and select best-in-class third party investment advisors. Rockefeller Capital Management’s advice is driven by an independent analysis of opportunities in line with our clients’ objectives, viewed within our long-term, global perspective.

Trust Company Services

Trust and other fiduciary services are provided through the Rockefeller Trust Companies. Trust officers and professionals from Rockefeller Trust Company, N.A. (RTC) and The Rockefeller Trust Company Delaware (RTC-Del) work collaboratively with clients, Rockefeller Capital Management and external subject matter experts in seeking to develop, enhance, and act on tailored, personalized trust plans–to provide advice on fiduciary considerations, tax implications, regulatory developments, and other relevant guidance.

Rockefeller Trust Company, N.A.

Rockefeller Trust Company, N.A. is a federally chartered limited purpose trust bank that provides personal fiduciary services either as a trustee, co-trustee, agent for individual trustees of trusts, or as a fiduciary and/or agent for other fiduciary relationships (including but not limited to estates). RTC provides fiduciary administration services, including tax preparation and tax compliance services and delegates investment management activities to Rockefeller Capital Management.

The Rockefeller Trust Company (Delaware)

The Rockefeller Trust Company (Delaware) serves clients throughout the country from its Wilmington, Delaware office and is positioned to help clients create and administer certain types of trusts that are not available in many other states, such as asset protection trusts, directed trusts, and trusts in which a corporate trustee can function solely as an administrative trustee. Like RTC, RTC-Del also provides a complete array of fiduciary services and delegates investment management activities to Rockefeller Capital Management.

The Rockefeller Trust Companies’ services include:

Corporate Trustee

Agent To Individual Trustee(s)

Delaware Trustee (RTC-DEL Only)

Directed / Administered Trustee (RTC-DEL Only)

Fiduciary Oversight


Fiduciary Tax Preparation

Foundation & Charitable Trust Management

Family Office Services

Through our Family Office Services, we are able to provide the expertise derived from our beginnings as the Rockefeller family office to offer comprehensive services to our clients and their related partnerships, foundations, and other entities.

Rockefeller Capital Management’s broad offering includes, but is not limited to, tax services, accounting, financial planning, budgeting and bill paying. Our dedicated staff of professionals can provide an array of services necessary for a family office, from assistance with lending, insurance, and banking matters to financial reporting, and more.