Lifestyle Advisory

We are pleased to offer our clients and their families special access and privileges through a handful of thoughtfully vetted and selected partners – each preeminent providers in their respective fields – and to provide highly personalized support on how to simplify, navigate, and elevate modern life.

Health and Wellness

Private Concierge Health Advisory

A membership-based preventive healthcare practice delivering cutting-edge primary and specialty care. Our partner aims to optimize the lifespan and healthspan of all members through meticulous screening and tailored interventions to prevent, reverse, or manage all chronic diseases.

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Concierge Health Management

For families navigating the complexities of general health care or specific medical needs, comprehensive health advisory and wellness support, 24/7 emergency help, and access to top physicians and medical centers of excellence.

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Concierge Caregiver Advisory

Our partner specializes in providing support to those who wish to maintain their health and independence as they age. They also help families navigate the complex networks of providers required for daily living. With expert guidance, they offer peace of mind on an array of matters, from healthcare and home safety to assisted living and Medicare issues.

Privacy and Protection

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Cyber Security

An exclusive boutique provider of advanced cyber-protection services for all the digital security needs of individuals and families with a proven track record of eliminating risks of cyberattacks.

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Personal Security

Discreet and trusted personal services - including executive protection, residential and corporate site assessments, travel protection, threat management and personal security training from a leading global security firm.

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Emergency Travel Services

Medical and emergency evacuation and crisis management service from a dedicated team of expert military special operations veterans, paramedics, physicians, and nurses is available 24/7 to assist members on a moment’s notice. Global intelligence keeps members apprised of significant events and risk-related trends in more than 200 nations.

Travel and Experiences

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Luxury Travel & Experiences

A leading travel and lifestyle concierge service provider specializing in creating ultra-luxury travel, dining, and lifestyle experiences tailored for its members. The key focus areas include personalization, exclusivity, security, discretion, and above all, exceptional service.

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Private Aviation

We work with an independent private aviation advisory firm to deliver tailored solutions for managing aviation portfolios. This partnership provides Rockefeller clients access to a premium jet card, as well as exclusive market intelligence while also ensuring the costs, risks, logistics, and safety of private air travel are closely monitored.

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Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences

Almost any “bucket list” wish can be fulfilled for Rockefeller clients with VIP-savvy concierge experts who can pave the way to once-in-a-lifetime experiences, whether meeting global stars, participating in iconic events, or realizing other long-held dreams.


Art gallery

Fine Art Advisory

With access to specialists in art and collectibles globally, experts will provide Rockefeller clients with guidance through the sales and acquisition process.

Unique Auction House Access

A world-leading art and luxury business, renowned and trusted for its live and online auctions, as well as its bespoke private sales.

Family Governance, Dynamics, & Legacy

Family Business & Enterprise Advisory

Bespoke solutions to family enterprise challenges at the family, business, and ownership levels that strengthen family relationships and enhance business effectiveness.

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Executive Transition Support

Custom support for seasoned executives undergoing strategically significant career transitions.

Career Coaching

Personalized 1:1 advising with seasoned executives to help young professionals gain a competitive advantage through finding clarity and discernment on a career path that aligns with their purpose, building the necessary skills to secure their ideal job or internship, and ultimately accelerate within that role.

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