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Rockefeller Global Family Office Leadership

Our Leadership Team

Christopher Dupuy

President, Rockefeller Global Family Office

Timothy D. O’Hara

Vice Chairman, Rockefeller Global Family Office

Jason Rich

Chief Operating Officer, Rockefeller Global Family Office

Michael Outlaw

Head of Enterprise Strategic Growth and NY Metro Divisional Director

Michael R. Armondo

Divisional Director, Central Division

Brian Riley

Divisional Director, Western Division

Kristen Sario

Divisional Director, Southeast Division

Brett Thelander

Divisional Director, Northern Division

Dylan Isaacs

Regional Managing Director, Western Division

Michael Parker

Regional Managing Director, Northern and NY Metro Divisions

James M. Beale

National Business Development Director

Joseph D. Roberts

Co-Head of the Rockefeller Center for Wealth Solutions

Jason Thompson

Head of Wealth Strategy

Elizabeth P. Munson

Senior Private Advisor & Fiduciary Specialist

Jimmy C. Chang, CFA®

Chief Investment Officer, Rockefeller Global Family Office

Chloe Duanshi, CFA®

Head of Investment Research & Strategy

Elisabeth “Lisi” Madden

Head of Fiduciary Services

Christopher Kirk, CFA®

Head of Investment & Client Solutions

Jackie Klaber

Head of Direct and Co-Investments

Burt Mills

Head of Capital Markets and Chief Operating Officer, Investment & Client Solutions

Michael Gaab

Chief Administrative Officer & Chief Human Capital Officer

Janette Caballero Jovic

Chief Marketing Officer

Grace Yoon

Head of Strategic Partnerships & Community Impact

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