Sheila Shaffer

Allyson Albert

Client Associate,
Associate Vice President

Allyson is the “First Voice” our clients hear when they call the office. As the teams’ liaison to our branch and back office operations, she initiates, monitors, and responds to all administrative client service requests. Allyson also manages the team calendar and schedule appointments.

Allyson has been an integral member of team Shaffer for over twenty-five years. She is most often the “First Voice” our clients hear when they contact our office. Allyson leads, directs, and responds to client service requests, and is the teams’ liaison to all things operational.

Beyond her extensive experience, and operational awareness, Allyson has been fundamental in creating a concierge-type atmosphere where the service requests of our clients are not only exceeded, but routinely anticipated, and resolved with unparalleled professionalism.

Originally from Guyana, Allyson enjoys spending time with her family, and indulging on new vegetarian cuisine.