Corey Tiller

Team Portfolio Manager, Managing Director

Corey Tiller is a Managing Director and Team Portfolio Manager with the Bostwick Walters Wealth Partners at Rockefeller Capital Management.

Prior to joining Rockefeller, Corey was a Portfolio Manager for Spearhead Capital Advisors, where he was responsible for asset allocation, security selection and execution of equity. Before joining the Bostwick Walters Group, Corey served as a global equity analyst and institutional portfolio manager for Northern Trust. The multibillion-dollar fund family operated in both the high net worth individual and institutional investor spaces on platforms across the market. During his tenure at Northern, Corey contributed to a diverse range of products and investment styles, including U.S. Large Cap Value, U.S. Large Cap Growth, International Core and Balanced products.

Corey earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Finance from Liberty University, a Master’s in Business Administration from University of Florida, and a Master of Science in Accounting from Liberty University as well.

He is both a Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).