Craig Staley

Client Associate

Craig brings with him 15 years of invaluable experience gained during his tenure at Chesapeake Energy, where he made significant contributions across various roles within the oil and gas industry. Starting in technical engineering positions, Craig played a vital role in drilling wells in Oklahoma, Texas, Wyoming, and Colorado, developing a deep understanding of the operational aspects of the field.

Over time, Craig transitioned into leadership positions, overseeing regional field and production operations. His tenure included notable roles such as Production Manager in the Powder River Basin and Haynesville regions, as well as Project Manager in Exploration and Geoscience Technology. These positions allowed him to showcase his exceptional leadership skills and strategic vision, while successfully managing complex projects and driving operational excellence.

Craig’s journey within the oil and gas industry took an exciting turn when he ventured into the financial planning realm. His expertise expanded to encompass capital allocation for multiple business units, demonstrating his ability to navigate the business side of the industry. Additionally, Craig gained valuable experience in an outward-facing Investor Relations position, developing a keen understanding of equity markets, and strengthening his ability to communicate effectively with shareholders.

Driven by his passion for wealth management and a desire to align his diverse skill set with his personal and professional interests, Craig made a mid-career change into the world of finance. This transition reflects his unwavering dedication to providing exceptional service and tailored financial solutions to clients, drawing on his broad industry experience and his ability to understand complex market dynamics.

Craig grew up in the Kansas City area and attended the University of Missouri-Rolla where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering in 2005. Craig resides in Oklahoma City with this wife, Bayley, and three children; Nora (6), Vann (6), and Shepherd (4) where they attend the Nichols Hills United Methodist Church.