Leonard Allen Marshall, Jr.

Outside Advisor to Moldaver Lee Cohen Wealth Partners

Born in Franklin, Louisiana, Leonard Allen Marshall Jr. is the oldest of seven children and the son of shipyard foreman Leonard Marshall Sr. Growing up in a small town, Leonard’s father was originally against his son playing football, but Leonard continued to pursue his passion and was rewarded for his dedication with a football scholarship to Louisiana State University (LSU). While at LSU, he played four seasons and was named the teams defensive MVP in his senior year. After LSU, Leonard entered the 1983 NFL Draft where he was signed by the New York Giants in the 2nd Round. Leonard played ten seasons with the Giants, during which he was selected for the Pro-Bowl twice and won two Super Bowl rings. His time with the Giants was followed by a season with the New York Jets and a season with the now Washington Commanders. He was named to the LSU Hall of Fame in 2009 and later to the New York Giants Ring of Honor in 2022. Today, he also sits on The Diversity Board of Advisors for Louisiana State University.

After football, Leonard continued his education by getting a Masters Degree in Finance at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He continued his dedication to the sport of football through opportunities to mentor youth athletes with the Leonard Marshall Football Academy and as the Head Coach for Hudson Catholic Regional High School in New Jersey. He also has been able to help college athletes though taking a position as a professor of Finance and Sports Management at Seton Hall’s Stillman School of Business.

As an outside advisor to Moldaver Lee Cohen Wealth Partners within the Rockefeller Global Family Office, Leonard’s role is centered around interfacing with Sports and Entertainment clients and assisting them in understanding the complexities of the financial world. Using his experience as an athlete, Leonard is able to give a firsthand account to what athletes experience and how the resources available at Rockefeller can help alleviate some of that stress.