Nelson Faro

Private Advisor, Managing Director
Team Portfolio Management Director

As the world and the industry continue to evolve, it is our role as Financial Advisors to work with you and your families to build a financial plan that is tailored to your goals. Our experienced team is aware of the complexities associated with wealth management and is here to guide you with confidence through preserving and growing your wealth.

Nelson has been a licensed investment professional for more than 30 years and prides himself on providing his clients a wide range of investment products and wealth management services to his clients. In 2015, for a sixth year in a row, he was named to the Barron’s Top 1200 Financial Advisors. He was also recognized by the South Florida Business Journal as a NABCAP Premier Financial Advisor for 2011.*

Nelson values building in depth and long-term relationships and providing exceptional client service. He focuses on portfolio management, equity research, portfolio hedging strategies and retirement planning.


*The Barron’s rankings discussed above were designated on [2015] and last for a period of one year until new rankings are released. The general methodology criteria for Barron’s includes the following:  Each advisor—selected by Barron’s—is required to respond to a survey about their practice which Barron’s verifies and applies a proprietary rankings formula along with sub calculations to generate each designation. The formula features three major categories of calculations: assets, revenue, quality of practice. No compensation has been provided in connection with obtaining or using this award.