Timothy Troutman

Team Chief Operating Officer

Timothy (Tim) Troutman is the Team Chief Operating Officer of the Bostwick Walters Wealth Partners at Rockefeller Capital Management.  Prior to joining, Rockefeller, Tim was the Chief Operating Officer for Spearhead Capital Advisors.

Tim oversees significant aspects of the group’s Advanced Wealth Planning service model. This responsibility is coupled with Tim having operational oversight of the group and its turn-key Asset Management Solutions.

Prior to joining the Bostick Walters Group, Mr. Tim was COO and CFO for PB Partners and worked with the managing partners to develop and implement the business strategy of four entrepreneurial companies.

Prior to joining PB Partners, Tim was a Senior Vice President at Hill International Inc. managing the operational aspects of Hill Housing focusing on the appropriate building technology and economics for each project.

Earlier, he was Senior Vice President at Tiedemann Wealth Management and was responsible for building and managing their Family Office practice in Florida.

Before joining Tiedemann, Tim held numerous management positions at JPMorgan including managing the Private Client Center in Boca Raton and managing Client Services in the southeast for the Private Bank.

Tim earned a B.A. from The King’s College, New York and a Master of Management from Pennsylvania State University.