Zac Stanley, CEPA, CFP®

Private Advisor, Senior Vice President

Zac joined Rockefeller in October of 2022. He has spent the past few years focused on financial planning, going deep on client discovery, understanding what his clients want to accomplish and who are the people that matter most to them and what do they want their legacy to be.

Before joining UBS and Rockefeller, Zac spent ten years in the United States Marine Corps. His decade in the Marines gave him an incomparable education in what he calls the entrepreneurial sciences. The Marines taught Zac the importance of people, purpose, perseverance, and planning. In his prior roles both in the Marine Corps and UBS he was fortunate to work with some of the highest performing teams. Zac’s takeaway from both experiences is people matter most – focus on others leads to extraordinary results for all. Planning and process will afford you a roadmap to success – but there are no guarantees. Titles and rank can be trumped by experience, ingenuity, and creative thinking.

When Zac is not in the office, he spends time serving in his community with organizations that have an impact like Cleveland Sight Center. In addition, he mentors local college students through the College Now program as well as giving back to his Alma Mater, Malone University. He resides in Copley with his wife and three sons.