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Rockefeller Sustainable Investment Portfolios Launched by Rockefeller Capital Management – Aimed at Strong Returns with Positive Impact

Rockefeller Sustainable Investment Portfolios Launched by Rockefeller Capital Management – Aimed at Strong Returns with Positive Impact


New York, December 9, 2021

Building on thirty years of the Rockefeller Family’s pioneering sustainable investing experience, Rockefeller Capital Management (RCM) today announced the launch of its new Sustainable Investment Portfolios for ultra-high-net-worth and high-net-worth individuals and families. The Portfolios seek to deliver uncompromised quality of returns, capitalize on long-term secular growth, and generate positive impact.

“Our new proprietary Sustainable Investment Portfolios adds yet one more attractive investment solution to the compelling open-architecture investment platform we’ve created,” said Greg Fleming, President & CEO of Rockefeller Capital Management (RCM). “We’re proud to present such a unique investing opportunity.”

“It’s thrilling to see this contemporary new offering which draws on the Rockefeller Family’s long heritage of sustainable investing,” said David Rockefeller, Jr., a member of RCM’s board. “Combining decades of leadership experience in this field with the latest innovations in data analytics and portfolio construction creates an attractive opportunity for clients who care about these objectives.”

The Sustainable Investment Portfolios seek prudent diversification, resiliency against unexpected macroeconomic shocks, and excess returns via alignment with secular tailwinds that may benefit from increased government spending, changing consumer buying preferences, and technological advancements. The Portfolios combine the expertise of Quantitative Research, Asset Allocation, and Portfolio Construction with the public and private market due diligence rigor of Manager Selection and Alternative Investment teams and unique insights from the Sustainable Investment team.

“There are many reasons we’re enthusiastic about our Sustainable Investment Portfolios and the potential returns they can generate for investors,” said Chloe Duanshi, Head of Quantitative Research & Portfolio Construction. “One example is our conviction that innovative green technologies will become a newly dominant industry in the decades ahead, as was the case with the internet and software industries during the past 20 years. Investing intentionally in solutions to overarching challenges such as climate mitigation and adaptation has the potential, over time, of achieving excess alpha.”

“Within the sustainable investing space, the tendency of thematic managers to focus on a few selected industries can lead to portfolios particularly vulnerable to the risk of under-diversification,” Ms. Duanshi added. “We address this challenge differently, through a factor approach emphasizing transparency and rigor. Ultimately, our Sustainable Investment Portfolios are thoughtfully constructed and well balanced, seeking to drive positive changes without compromising the quality of potential investment returns.”

Eligible managers in RCM’s Sustainable Investment Portfolios include those categorized by the firm as “Intentional” or “Integrated.” Intentional strategies are typically invested alongside sustainable themes such as climate change or catalyze change via shareholder engagement. Integrated strategies tend to utilize ESG information to identify risks and opportunities and avoid objectionable business activities.

The new offering draws meaningfully on the Rockefeller Global Family Office’s history of building “highly bespoke sustainable investing portfolios for the institutional-minded investors it has served for decades,” said Candice Dial, Director of ESG Investments, Rockefeller Global Family Office. “These new portfolios take advantage of our sustainable investing expertise and enable us to share best practices with a broader group of investors.”

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