Rockefeller’s Client Interest Rate Schedule for the

Bank Deposit Sweep Program (“BDSP or the Program”)

at NFS as of 09/01/2023.

Interest Rate Tiers, Interest Rate, and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) are shown below.

TierFromToInterest RateAPY
2$250,000.00 $499,999.990.73% 0.73%
3$500,000.00 $1,999,999.99 0.73% 0.73%
4 $2,000,000.00$9,999,999.99 1.53% 1.54%
5$10,000,000.00$24,999,999.99 3.00%3.04%
6$25,000,000.00 +4.25%4.33%

Interest rates/APY are subject to change at any time.

Your interest rate in BDSP is based upon your Program deposits in accordance with the Interest Rate Tiers as determined by Rockefeller.  The rate of interest is evaluated on a daily basis.  Program deposits are aggregated across all applicable accounts within your Rockefeller Household. A “Household” is comprised of one or more accounts formally grouped and the primary relationship/account in the Household may have multiple accounts.  Rockefeller automatically adds accounts to a Household based upon a matching Social Security Number (SSN), Tax Identification Number (TIN) or primary address. In addition, upon a client’s request and subject to internal Rockefeller approval, Rockefeller will add other related individuals or entities to a Household, including a spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings or business entities. Please contact your Private Advisor with questions in respect of Householding or to inquire about adding related accounts to your Household.

Deposits placed through the Program are placed at Program Banks that are part of the IntraFi Network.  Balances will earn the same rate of interest regardless of the Program Bank with which funds are deposited. To view the most recent list of participating IntraFi Network Program Banks for consumer/natural persons, visit, and for business/non-natural person, visit .