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In Summary

We are pleased to share with you the latest release of the Rockefeller Investing Guide, with updated asset class views and portfolio guidance to reflect our current market outlook, as outlined below. The Guide is intended to serve as a comprehensive view of our investment process and how to approach today’s environment.

  1. Distinct Investment Philosophy
  2. Latest Thinking Across Asset Classes
    • Fixed Income: diversification and income take priority over reinvestment risk
    • U.S. Equities: from hope to growth, from multiple expansion to earnings
    • Private Equity: cyclical openings to structural transitions
    • Private Credit: compelling opportunities with increasing nuance as macro tailwinds recede
    • Hedge Funds: complementary to long beta in an extended market
    • Energy: enhancing portfolio resilience through a dependable geopolitical hedge

To discuss specific investment opportunities, please reach out to your Rockefeller Private Advisor.